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Mobe Products – Your Business That’s a pretty sarcastic title, for which I must apologize—I’m not really a fan of sarcasm. However, I find that procrastination is a big issue for a lot of people who have entrepreneurial aspirations or those or those who just want to build their own business. On one hand, I don’t quite understand why that is but on the other hand, I’m really not one to criticize it either.It either. It wasn’t very long ago that procrastination was an issue for me too.

Reason 1: Learning Is Difficult for Me

Mobe Products – Especially in areas like Internet marketing, you’re presented with having to learn new technologies, new skills, and even new ways of thinking. Not everyone is a fast learner. Not everyone is good with technical materials. Some people are slow readers or abhor reading and studying altogether. In my company, we’ve solved this problem for new partners and affiliates by putting the majority of our training materials on video. Nearly all of the small business training products that we sell are video-based as well.

Reason 2: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Mobe Products – Even if you’re able to read and study, you may still be overwhelmed by all the details and new terminology. Anyone who has written copy, created a landing page, or set up an email auto responder for the first time is likely to think all the while, “Am I doing this right?”

MOBE reviews provides some of the best, most detailed instructional materials in our industry but nothing takes the place of taking action and likewise nothing can fill in the mental blanks that practice fills in.

Reason 3: I Don’t Like to Gamble

Mobe Products – This is particularly pervasive in businesses that require some ongoing investment, such as buying paid advertising to reach a target ed-audience and bringing traffic to their offer. The seriousness of the financial outlay is, of course, relative Forrelative. For some, the idea of spending $20 a day on traffic may cause dizziness and shortness of breath, whereas for someone else, bumping it up to $5,000 per month is no sweat.

Reason 4: I Hate to Fail

Mobe Products – This is something nearly everyone has to get over in one area of life or another.

When I was a school kid, I was petrified to talk to girls. I was afraid of rejection so I hardly ever had a date. There was a guy in my class named Trevor who seemed immune to rejection. He got a lot of it but it but he also got a lot of dates.

Reason 5: I Want to Stay in the Comfort Zone

Mobe Products – Probably all four of the preceding reasons could be summed up as, “I want to stay in the comfort zone.” I understand this. Most people who procrastinate on starting their business already work at a job. They are able to eat and pay their rent or mortgage. They are not struggling (or at least not very badly).

A Solution for All “Good Reasons”

Mobe Products – In 2014, I gave a talk at one of MOBE is live Mastermind events about a three-step system to achieve practically any result you want. The video of that talk has become one of the most-viewed MOBE videos ever. If you’re having trouble getting started or moving ahead, watch it now.

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