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Mobe Affiliate Programs– What percentage of the emails in your inbox do you actually open and read?

The inbox of an average consumer is full of advertisements, marketing messages with very compelling subject lines, and tons of attention seeking emails. According to statistics by The Radicati Group, a computer and telecommunications company that provides research on electronic communications, social media, and other internet related issues, the average person received 88 emails per day in 2015.

An effective MOBE email marketing campaign has never been as necessary as it is today. It is important that you create well-crafted, valuable content that leads to closed deals. No matter how good your email body is, it serves no purpose if it does not get opened. Your email needs to be able to cut through the clutter and capture a prospect’s interest enough to get opened. Here are a few surefire ways that will make your email stand out amongst the hordes of messages in your customers’ inboxes.

1. Personalize the Email without Using the Recipient’s Name

The general belief is that addressing people by their name creates a sense of familiarity and might get them to open your email. Research done by Temple’s Fox School of Business found that this is actually more harmful than not using the customer’s name. People are now highly concerned about cyber security and identity theft, so emails with their name may make them nervous.

2. Maximize Your Email Subject Line

The subject of your email plays a great part in the email getting opened. Create a specific, direct subject that tells the customer what to expect in the email, while raising their curiosity enough for them to want to open it.

3. Send Emails during off Peak Hours

Optimal emailing time for your customers’ needs, will be determined by their habits and behaviors, which is why it is important to thoroughly research consumer trends before you begin an email campaign.

4. Offer Rewards

People love free stuff. Email subjects with the word ‘free,’ ‘coupon,’ and related words have a higher chance of getting opened. Offer customers free gifts like templates, tools, and software trials.

5. Optimize Your Email for Mobile

More than half of emails are opened on a mobile device so a large number of your customers will see your emails on their phones and other mobile devices. Design your email with the mobile user in mind. Use one-column templates for ease of mobile use. Increase the font for easy readability and keep all important links in the center so that it is easy for users to tap and access them.

6. Create a Catchy Hook

The first sentence of an email is critical in the customer’s decision to keep reading. After looking at the subject of the email, customers will actively read the first sentence to decipher the email’s worth. If you don’t say anything that interests them within those first few seconds, you lose them. They just move on to the next email in their inbox.

7. Reduce Spam Triggers

Most email providers will let you know if your email has red flag content that is likely to get it marked as spam. Excessive use of sales prompt words like ‘buy,’ ‘order,’ or ‘clearance,’ may result in your email being sent to the spam folder.

Some of the words that generate the most interest are also among those that trigger spam filters, e.g. ‘click here.’

Words like that will get you click-throughs; people will click your link and go to your page. Minimize the use of all other spam trigger words and only use the ones that will serve your purpose.

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