Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips :Attract Offline Traffic

mobe matt lloyd tips for offline traffic

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips :Website promotion is everywhere. You can’t go anywhere online without links directing you to another website. And because of Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms, it is now very easy to find any company on the Internet.

It is only reasonable that companies are leaving their digital footprint everywhere. People are almost always online and having a website is one of the most important tools in advertising, especially in today’s age of smartphones and high-speed internet.

URL Insertion

You must include your website URL in every print and published media of your company. Insert it in business cards, flyers, brochures, invoices and on your company office’s main door. Your URL is the link to your website, so you want to write it in a clear, visible and easy-to-read font style that won’t confuse the reader in any way.

If you already have a long URL that might be hard to remember, you could invest in Quick Response (QR) codes to replace it. Instead of having to type in your website link, customers can just scan the code with their smartphones to access your website.

Consistent Presentation

Your offline branding should be consistent with your online branding and website content. Use the same colors, fonts, logos and themes on your offline media as it is on your website. This improves visibility and brand recognition, giving your website a top-of-the-mind recall in case your customers forget your business’s name and information.

Message Integration

Some customers base their purchase decisions on information they got from an offline source. For example, they will see your advertisement on television, and will be hooked enough to consider your product for purchase, hence they go to your website to find out more and, finally, make a decision whether to buy or not. What attracted them to your product is the television message, and they expect to feel the same when browsing your website.


After you have customized your brand message to be consistent in all your marketing campaigns, it’s now time to offer your customers some incentives when they visit your website. For example, in your brochures, flyers, television and even radio advertisements, ask customers to give you feedback, so they have a chance to win something. Make your promos appetizing enough that the customer will be compelled to try their luck in the competition.

Exclusive Offer

Matt Lloyd – Spread the word around that customers will get a better deal if they check your website. For instance, add statements like, “Visit our website for a special, one-time only, exclusive deal!” Everybody likes a good deal, so a chance to get a discount or better service by just switching online instead of buying in-store will definitely convert offline traffic to your website.

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