Matt Lloyd On Finding Goods to Promote

Matt Lloyd on finding goods to promote

Matt Lloyd: The products you choose to promote have a great impact on the success of your affiliate business. It seems easy enough, you register with an affiliate program, choose some of their available products, create a few links and put them on your website.

Several weeks down the line when you still haven’t made any sales, you are going to start wondering what went wrong. Your marketing strategy was pretty solid. The problem might be coming from the products you chose to promote.

MOBE Matt Lloyd advises choosing products that are good for customers, hence they will be good for conversion. A good product will have the following qualities;

  • Conversion potential – choose products that can compel your site visitors to perform a desired action like clicking your links. If your product can’t convert visitors, you are wasting time and money on it. people won’t buy it, and you won’t get paid.
  • Attractiveness to existing customers – a good product is one that is in line with what your existing audience expects from your website. If your blog topic is ‘Starting Your Own Business’, your audience expects products along that line. Promoting a car waxing service to them might not interest them.
  • Good for leads – similar to customers, people who visit your website because of an interest in a particular topic. If they don’t find what they are looking for they will just leave your page and find what they are looking for somewhere else.

Know Your Audience

Think of the current crowd you have, and the type of people your website focus will attracts. What are they looking for? What do they respond to? Choose a product that will help your audience solve a problem and realize their dreams and desires.

Find out your audience’s needs, their fears, their frustrations. Finding out could be as simple as sending an email with genuine interest in finding out more about them. Let them know you have their best interest at heart, and would like to find out what they want so you can send them only information they can use. Once you have that information, it will be easy to pick offers in line with your audiences needs.





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