MOBE Affiliate Programs for Search Engines

MOBE Affiliate Programs for Search Engines

MOBE Affiliate Programs: A lot of marketers struggle with deciding if their content should be optimized for search engines or crafted to appeal more to people. Your content needs to be visible in search engines, but it also has to resonate well with your readers for them to keep coming back. So, which one should you use?

This MOBE review takes a closer look at the two, and which one is best for your marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization simply refers to a method of enhancing your content to be picked up by search engines when users search for subjects related to it. By strategically choosing certain keywords to use in your content, you help your content rank higher on search engines, which means it has a chance of being seen by audiences.

When crafting your content for search engines, you should strategically weave your keywords into the copy so that it does not see distracting. Include keywords on the following:

  • Headlines – creatively include your keywords in your headlines for more social media clicks.
  • Content – also include keywords in the body of your content. Do not overuse keywords because it becomes repetitive and your audience wont enjoy that. Search engines algorithms also penalize excessive use of keywords.

Writing for People

Focus your content on educating, inspiring, and helping your audience. To effectively connect with your audience, you need to find your brand ‘voice’. Voice refers to how you convey your message. This will depend heavily on your type of products, e.g., MOBE products targeted towards entrepreneurs tends to be more formal than products targeted to teenagers.


So, which one should you use? Focus on creating a healthy balance of both. Start by writing insightful content that help the end user solve a problem, and then optimize it for search engines. Make sure the content you come up with is something people will like and keep them coming back for more. If people do not like your content and you end up with very low traffic, search engines will rank it lower, no matter how much SEO keywords you use.

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