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Mobe Rating: The rise of audio consumption through online streaming platforms has put audio marketing in a new pedestal it has never enjoyed before. By end of 2016, the number of Americans 12 years and above who listen to online is expected at 76%, and the average amount of time spent listening to online radio weekly has risen to almost 13 hours in 2015, from about six hours only in 2008.

That is reason enough to put some of your advertising efforts towards audio marketing. The question becomes, how do you create digital audio advertising material that will really catch the listener’s attention and make them remember your product?

Below are a few tips to consider for your audio marketing advertisement.

  • Establish ‘Why’?

For any marketing campaign to be successful, there should be a reason to it being created. Defining a reason for your campaign gives you direction as to where your campaign should go, what message it should have, and the style it should be made in.

  • Define Target Demography

Next you need to understand your primary listeners. What exactly do they want with your product? Understand their needs and wants, and think the way they will think about your product. They don’t want to know that your non-stick pans are ceramic coated, they want to know they won’t be burning their stir fry anymore.

  • Understand You Audience’s Listening Habits

People usually listen to digital radio while performing other tasks. They might be cooking, driving, commuting to work, or studying. There are several metrics like Google Metrics and KISSmetrics, that can tell you when most of your target audience is tuned in.

  • Consider Time

You only have so little time to promote your advertisement. Longer advertisements can turn listeners off, and they will focus on something else. Generally, aim for an advertisement of 60 seconds maximum, and have a maximum of 160 words only in that time space.

Digital audio advertising is said to be the next big thing in the marketing world, and it seems to be only growing bigger; an opportunity you definitely should not miss. Apply the tips above to create a killer audio advertisement that will catch your user’s attention and have them remember your brand long after they have tuned off.

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