MOBE Review: What Makes Quality Content

MOBE Review – Quality content is more than just a marketing buzzword. It is the type of content that gains you favor with both consumers and search engines, and most times it is the deciding factor between your marketing efforts’ failure and success.

So, what makes quality content? Should Your Write Content for Search Engines or for People?  Below are five important elements your content should contain to be of high quality and resonate well with your customers.

1) Value

Is your content offering the reader new information of value that they can use? Create content that help an audience solve a problem or learn something new. Carry out a thorough research and review on issues your audience faces and offer them information on how they can solve that problem, instead of trying to push your products on them.

2) Grammar, Spelling, and Coherence

Content with poor grammar and spelling errors greatly reduces the trustworthiness of your website, not just by your site visitors, but by search engine too. Your content must also make sense and be understandable. Rumbling on and on without making a point can make you seem amateurish, and no one will want to take advice from you.

3) Supplements

Great content is good, but you have to remember a lot of people are generally visual, and have a very short attention span, especially online. Supplement your content with images, infographics, and videos that support your information. Choose high quality, aesthetically pleasing images that will hold users’ attention and keep them reading through your content.

4) Length Appropriateness

The length of your content will depend on your intent. Google prefers meatier articles that fully explain the topic, while mobile users prefer short, snappy articles that give the main points. If you want high rankings by search engines, go for longer articles of more than 1000 words, and if you want your content to appeal to mobile users, make it short and sweet; use bullet point, lists, and link to other articles where users can find supporting information.

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