Matt Lloyd MOBE-Driving Traffic

Matt Lloyd MOBE driving traffic

Matt Lloyd MOBE: Traffic is one of the metrics that stand out the most to a lot of marketers whenever they study their website analytic’s. They usually equate more traffic to more sales. This is not a wrong assumption, if more people visit your website, your chances of making sales are higher, provided you are getting genuine traffic. But what if your traffic just isn’t converting into actual buyers?

This MOBE review looks at three reasons your traffic might not be converting even though there is a lot and you have assurance that it is human traffic.

Website Layout Flaws

If your website doesn’t point out your products upfront, people can mill around your website without realizing you are selling something. It’s great to provide non-sale content that offers users value, but do remember that at the end of the day, you are selling something. If you are promoting MOBE products, you can give people useful information about online marketing or even a MOBE review, but always make sure you are selling too.

Vague Landing Pages

Your ads and links should direct people to an optimized landing page that sends them through a funnel into conversion. Have a unique selling proposition that explains to users the benefits of getting that product, and social proof of your claims. If your pages are too vague and are not offering users anything to want to convert, you are not doing a good job.

Worthless Value Proposition

Sometimes what you are selling is just not worth it. You could spend time doing all the right things, but if you are selling a product without a hungry market, you won’t make much sales. That is why it is important to perform a market research before you choose a niche to promote, or a new product to launch.

Bringing traffic to your website is very important, but you have to make sure your website, pages, and links are ready to receive them. When studying your website analytics, focus on important metrics like conversion and ROI, and if you are getting a lot of traffic but not much conversion, you should revaluate your website and marketing strategy.

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