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Mobe Products Sales: If you’re not able to sell your products or services, you’re not going to be in business for long. That may sound pretty dramatic, but the only way you’re going to generate any income is if you’re able to convince people to part with their money and purchase your products or services.

Aside from convincing prospects with marketing materials, you have to be able to deliver effective sales presentations in order to turn the viewing audiences into customers.

Over the years, I’ve delivered a number of sales presentations that have helped MOBE to scale up. Each presentation gave me valuable experience that I was able to use in the next presentation.

Appreciate the Consequences

Every sales presentation that you give carries a reward. For example, you could give a sales presentation to fifteen or a hundred people, but at the end of the presentation you would hope to convert those in attendance into buyers.

Now, in order to give a good presentation, you should keep in mind the consequence of giving a bad one. By that I mean, you should appreciate what’s at stake in terms of the amount of sales revenue you could potentially earn if you deliver an effective presentation. Once you appreciate this, you’ll find yourself working harder to make sure that you give the best performance you can.

For example, I had an event with 3,000 people where I was the first speaker of the morning and was selling one of MOBE’s courses for $2,500. I knew that if I gave a relatively weak performance, the revenue for MOBE as a result of this presentation would only be about $200,000. For some people this may be a good figure to hit. But I knew that I could do better. A good presentation could see over half a million dollars in revenue for MOBE on the front end, and more than $1 million on the back end.

Now that I know the consequences of giving a bad performance can be costly, it makes me even more determined to perfect my presentation skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way you can perfect your presentation skills is if you put in the practice. Even though some people believe they can just wing it on the day of the presentation, I highly recommend that you put in a conscious effort to perfect your techniques so that those skills will be delivered naturally and without hesitation at the event.

Break down the different components of your presentation and work on each one daily. For example:

  • Repeat phrases: Rehearse an engaging and informative sentence or speech until you can say it perfectly.
  • Work on the opening: Craft a captivating introduction and repeat it until you can deliver it perfectly and it’s as engaging as it can be.
  • Work on the closing: Keep the conclusion succinct, but memorable, as this is what the audience may hear from you last.

Let’s say you’ve picked up the guitar and want to perform on stage; the only way you’ll give yourself a fighting chance of learning to play, is if you work on your craft. You could easily pick up a few chords within a month if you put in the practice to play better.

By applying this type of work ethic to your sales presentation skills, you can quickly place yourself in a position of value. You’ll soon see your sales figures rise as a result of a sharp presentation.

Consider It a Performance

I recently witnessed one of the best sales presenters in the world and I asked him whether everything that he said—every little line, mannerism, body movement, pause, and even the picking up of a glass of water—was scripted. He replied, “Absolutely.”

He had clearly perfected his skills and then gave a performance to match. He told me that he gave this sales presentation over 3,000 times and has managed to deliver it with great impact. He was usually able to get over 50 percent of the entire room to purchase his $3,000 product. That equates to some serious revenue.

If you’re a weak speaker and always find yourself bumbling and giving an unconvincing presentation, audiences are also unlikely to be convinced. Bear in mind that people aren’t willing to buy a product or service from a sales presentation that was boring and weak. Visualize yourself as an artist or performer, and then see yourself actually delivering a powerful and memorable performance. The more memorable the performance, the better the sales figures.


In order to perfect your sales presentation skills just remember to appreciate the consequences of a poor performance, then practice your pitch, and visualize yourself as a sales superstar.

Once you’ve sharpened your skills, you’ll find subsequent presentations much easier to deliver thanks to the experience you gained.

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