MOBE Review: Habits That Keep You Poor

mobe review for making money online

MOBE Review : Ever wondered why you stay in a stagnant financial position? Why do a lot of people who earn way less than you seem to have more money left over when you don’t? The simple answer is money management. Even if you find an alternate source of money, like joining the MOBE affiliates program, you won’t be able to grow any money you make if you don’t manage it well.

Below are a few poor financial management habits that are keeping you poor, and how you can avoid them.

Living Outside Your Means

You should never fake having a lot of money. That will mean spending ridiculous amounts of money on luxurious brand and entertainment sprees. Lots of money you don’t have. This will lead you to mountains of credit card debts that will take you years to get out of.

You should learn to live within your means. Your spending should never be more than your salary, and make sure you spend on things that can help improve your finances, like the MOBE affiliates program.  This is an essential money management skill that will save you a lot of money every month. Assess your monthly expenses and cut down on those things you can live without. Adjust your budget to at most 80% of your income, and stick to spending only that.

Saving Last

When they see some money it their bank account, most people immediately think of what they need to spend on. They allocate the money to various expenses they think they need, and only save whatever is left, which is usually very little, or nothing at all.

To manage your money better, allocate a reasonable percentage you need to save every month, then put it away before allotting the rest to expenses. Budget and plan based only on the money you have after saving, and avoid impulsive buying. Never make spontaneous withdrawals from your savings, and if you really must make a withdrawal, find ways to earn money to replace it.


Financial management has nothing to do with the amount of money you already have, but everything to do with your financial control and a positive mindset towards wealth. Put your efforts in taking control of your financial life, and you will be enjoying a stable and even prosperous financial life.

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