MOBE Review: Why Most Family Businesses Don’t Make the Generational Leap

mobe review for family business

MOBE Review: Family businesses rarely make it across a generation, let alone several generations. Because of family dynamics, many entrepreneurs find it hard to keep the business a professional setting, and when family issues are brought into business, the chances of survival become very low.

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Below are a few reasons why family businesses mostly fail, and how you can ensure that your business moves on to the next generation.


A lot of issues in any group settings usually steam from miscommunications. Setting up clear communication channels is especially important in a family business because of the family dimension.

Family businesses need to take a strategic, long term view of the company’s communication strategies. An explicit chain of communication should be stated, explaining how instructions are passed down, how disputes are solved, and any other communication related issues.

Business Agreements

Every business requires signing of agreements and contracts between partners. It shouldn’t be any different for family members. All family members might be in good terms when the business start, but things change. The next generation might not agree on business styles and decide to sell their shares. The family should provide for such situations with agreements like a buy-sell agreement that exclusively allow selling of shares to family members only.


The goal of family businesses is for the younger generation to eventually take over running the business. It is a good endeavor and an important move in keeping the business in the family, but running a business requires knowledge and expertise. Young generations should not obtain leadership roles out of privilege of being a family member, but because of their merit.


There are many other issues that come with the business climate which could affect a company’s survival, but employing this tips to a family business will greatly reduce the complexities that occur because of family dynamics, upping family business survival chances by a margin.

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