How to Respond to Questions About Your MOBE Affiliate Program Results

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Most times when you explain the MOBE affiliate program to people, you will eventually be met with the inevitable ‘that’s great and all, but how much are you earning?’ You could always quote them statistics of MOBE consultants who have gone to earn up to a million dollars with the MOBE affiliate program, but most will still demand to know how successful you personally are with it. This are some of the ways you could respond to the inquires.

Find Out Their Reasons

When prospects ask you how much you have earned with the MOBE affiliate program, find the reason behind the question. You could respond with a question like ‘Why do you want to know?’. Ask this in a genuinely curious, non-confrontational manner. Maybe they equate success with your kind of sponsor. They think if your sponsor’s results are good, it bodes well for them, and bad results are a red sign.

MOBE affiliate program Explain The System

You can then go on to explain that your results have no relation at all to any other MOBE consultant. Explain that results depend on the kind of effort you put in to get sales, and that will differ for every single MOBE consultant.

Tell them that the MOBE affiliate program has already paid out over $51 million, and some of the top earners did not necessarily join the MOBE affiliate program from someone who was already making money.

Show them that success depends on their ability to build a relationship with their customers, which has nothing to do with the results of a sponsor. Explain that they will get a personal coach who will teach them how to get results, and that at the end of the day, it will all depend solely on them. If they put in the effort and time on the right activities, they stand a very good chance of making money.


Your results are not a projection of anyone else’s potential. Everyone will do things differently, and get different results. Anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset will clearly understand this, and if after you have explained it to them, and their focus is still on your sales figure, maybe they are not right or ready to do business.

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