What You Need to Know About The MOBE Scam

know about mobe scam

If you have been looking into MOBE, you are most likely aware of the bad press online. When you Google ‘MOBE scam’, you will be met with a lot of articles that ‘warn’ you about the MOBE scam and why you should be running scared away from it.

Traffic Scavenging

The amount of traffic coming to your websites is very important in the affiliate marketing niche, especially targeted traffic. Someone typing ‘MOBE scam’ on a search engine is highly targeted traffic. It means they are already interested in the MOBE affiliate program, and trying to find out more. It will definitely be easier to sell an affiliate program to such a person.

What some unscrupulous marketers will do is, write reviews about a competitor company that is getting a lot of traffic. The most common search people make about an affiliate program is ‘Is Company X a scam?’ So, these marketers create SEO targeted articles that tells how much of a scam the competitor is. They will give a biased review of the company, and just when the consumer’s fears a confirmed and they have been turned against the company they were initially looking for, the unscrupulous company will offer their own program.

Bait and Switch

You start off searching for an affiliate program that you have become interested enough in to find out if it is actually something legitimate that you can do. Then a ‘genuinely concerned’ person ‘saves’ you from this company by exposing their ‘scam’. But there is a catch. You are offered their program.

You were never interested in their program to begin with. Perhaps you didn’t even know about it. You came to their page because you wanted to find out if there is any MOBE scam news online, so you can know which direction to proceed with MOBE. Instead of just giving genuine advice, they bait you with what you want; a biased review on MOBE and the MOBE affiliate program, and then switch on to promoting themselves just as they get you hooked.


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