MOBE Review: Should Your Employees Choose Their Own Working Hours

MOBE Review: Should Your Employees Choose Their Own Working Hours

MOBE Review: People are wired differently. Some just can’t get their head around early mornings, but peak on the afternoons. Some are early birds who just can’t function post that 3pm afternoon slump. Flexible hours give everyone the opportunity to work to their rhythm, and best utilize their productivity peaks.

In a study by CareerArc, 75% of the participants placed workplace flexibility at the top of their priorities.  Employees believe that they can be more productive if they work on their own set schedule.

Avoid Time Wasting

Rigid working hours cause a lot of time wastage. Employees might take a lot of time trying to get themselves to focus in the early morning, and many will end up going to lunch without having done much if they are not a morning person.

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Set the number of hours employees need to work on a daily basis, and targets they need to achieve, then let them pick the best time for themselves to achieve that. They surely will be happier coming to work, and will produce better results.

Allow Telecommute

You should also give your employees the option of working from home if their job scope allows it. Sometimes, the office can be the most distractive place for anyone. There are people all around—on the phone, walking about, chatting—and some employees might find it difficult to produce results in such an environment. True enough, a 16-year Idea Champion study found that 97 percent of employees said they produce creative ideas outside of the workplace.

When working from home, people can work longer as it reduces traveling time. They can choose the time they start work, when they want to take their breaks, and when their day will end. Because they are working from home, they can work until the night time if they choose.


A lot of time gets wasted with rigid 9 to 5 working hours. Some people spend the earlier part of the day on an unproductive stupor because mornings are a little harder on them. Some are worn out by afternoon and can’t produce much, and some are most activity during the night. Allow everyone to maximize their energy peaks for maximum production.



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